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Top 10 freelance websites in 2021

  • Let’s take a look at the top 10 freelance websites-we are in 2021, the demand for highly skilled freelancers in the global market is increasing every day. Over the past 10 years, the Freelance website has played a vital role in helping companies meet their talent needs. The Freelancers League reports that more than 34% of the workforce is currently in freelance mode. A stable internet connection and a set of specific skills can protect your work anywhere. So today, we bring you the TOP 10 freelance website.


  • Upwork is a company headquartered in the United States, formerly known as Elance-oDesk, Upwork is an independent industry giant and currently the largest independent network? It has more than 12 million registered freelancers and more than 7 million registered clients. Upwork covers a wide range of freelance jobs, allowing freelancers to bid for short-term and long-term work by the hour/fixed price or by project, and adapt to entry-level and expert-level commitments. If you have enough talent and have business skills, you can earn anything from a few dollars to thousands of dollars through Upwork.


  • Fiver was established in 2010 and is a global online market that provides tasks and services. It allows people to start services (called "concerts") at a minimum cost of $5. There are more than 5 million active concerts from all over the world. Fiverr covers a wide range of different services, from design and media to writing, translation and programming. This is the best place to build a portfolio by completing many projects.


  • Freelancer is different from most other platforms, Freelancer.com is a global freelance and crowdsourcing market founded in 2009. Freelancer.com offers millions of projects and allows freelancers to compete with other freelancers and this website to showcase your skills. The site offers a wide range of membership programs for its freelancers. There is no doubt that it is one of the best freelance websites to find affordable professional freelancers who will complete your work at an affordable price.

04) GURU

  • Guru was founded in 1998 under the name eMoonlighter.com and is one of the oldest freelance networks. Today, Guru has more than 2 million freelancers on its platform and has paid more than $200 million to freelancers on the site. Guru allows customers to view the freelancer’s portfolio, which includes past income and customer reviews, as well as skills and experience. Guru is one of the best places to work. The site also provides a wide range of services from software development, design and writing to management and marketing.


  • Toptal was established in 2010 and is the best independent website for software developers and designers. Toptal is famous among software developers because it conducts strict quality checks on freelancers. Anyone can join toptal as a company that hires quality freelancers or talented freelancers looking for projects. Toptal was announced as the fastest growing talent software company in 2015. Millions of companies around the world use the site to find high-quality freelance developers and designers to complete their projects.


  • LinkedIn was established in 2002. It is a business-oriented social networking site. In 2015, it expanded its business by launching Pro Finder. In the past two years, business professionals in many industries have used LinkedIn. Currently, there are approximately 50,000 active freelancers on the site. By leveraging the power of our trusted LinkedIn network, using LinkedIn Pro Finder makes it easier to hire skilled freelancers to do this job.

10) 99DESIGN

  • 99designs is the world largest online graphic design market, connecting talented and skilled freelance graphic designers to prove themselves among their peers and win customers. 99Designs has more than 1 million designers on its network and has completed more than $100 million in customer-designer transactions in the past year. People can register as logo designers, graphic designers, web designers, etc.


  • Behance is part of the Adobe family, where people can show design-related works. Behance is also a leading online platform for skilled designers to display and discover creative works. The website enables the company to explore work and contact talents on a global scale. Behance offers a wide range of job openings, including apps for UI/UX designers, art directors, and graphic designers. Behance is one of the most active networks and will not leave the free market anytime soon.


  • PeoplePerHour is an independent site that provides a reliable and dynamic online workplace. This independent website helps people realize their dreams and helps them live a free and independent life. PeoplePerHour is a great platform that focuses on free work on network projects. If you are a web developer, designer, and SEO and marketing expert, this site is best for you 10.


Envato Studio, located in Melbourne, Australia, is a freelance website that helps companies complete their projects to find skilled and talented freelancers. This site provides a simple and affordable way to complete design or development work. Whether you need a new logo or a new website, Envato Studio can connect you to the best designers and developers around the world.


  • ServiceScape.com is a global market that has been connecting individuals and organizations with top freelancers specializing in content editing, writing, translation, and graphic design services since 2000. They use various marketing programs to host and promote the services of freelancers working online, while allowing them to reach an existing customer base that has grown for more than 21 years. Professionals decide their own prices, and most aspects of project creation are pre-defined and integrated into the freelancer profile. Services Cape has a wide range of subject and document type

experts, from business and personal communication to peer-reviewed academic journals, website content and business presentations. This is a valuable resource for professionals, business owners, writers and students. Let their content shine.

Conclusion: We have reviewed the best freelance websites and you can get high prices on these sites! Good luck to you.

What is copywriting?

  •  It is the ability to write a copy for marketing or advertising purposes. Copywriting is to persuade someone to buy a product, or just to influence their beliefs about something.

Copywriting is the person behind online content in the form of direct mail, slogans, advertisements, and online advertisements, email templates, etc. Script. , Billboards, posters, brochures, postcards, and various content behind marketing intent and subsequent sales. Since the concept of marketing and advertising began in newspapers and later in broadcasting, the industry itself has been profitable. Then it expanded to digital media.

Today, it has opened up a new front on the Internet and expanded its influence on social media in the form of content marketing and social media marketing. Blog posts, tweets, posts, and advertisements on social media sites all have inherent copywriting, trying to sell something of this or that. Therefore, the importance of copywriting has grown exponentially. But how to run it efficiently? What are the basics to remember when writing banner ads?

In this guide, we will help you understand the nature of copywriting, which will help you better execute and achieve your sales goals.

Here are the 10 steps on how to effectively run copywriting.

 1) Know your audience goals The first and most important point is to know who you are selling to.

If you don’t know whom to sell the product or service to, what is the use of developing the product or service? A better understanding of target customers enables them to write perfect copies. You need to analyze your target audience and capitalize on their interests and needs. Once this is done, you can create a copy that inspires the right emotions and increases sales. Every effective email campaign or social media advertisement is based on extensive research that takes the target audience into consideration. For example, if your plan is to sell SEO services, you should first list the people who need them, such as bloggers, digital freelancers. Who wants their website ranking, online business, and more. Once you know that these are the people you must sell to, you can begin to plan for a perfect copy. This is because you now know the exact requirements of your customers so that when your copy reaches them, their emotional center will trigger a positive response in your favor and translate into potential sales. For example, KFC’s jingle says " It’s nice to lick your fingers," and it will immediately tell a person that if they are hungry, this store will provide them with delicious food!

2) Know what you are selling. The next important step is to understand the product or service you are testing. To the market. This is as important as knowing the customer. You cannot write a valid copy until you have a perfect idea for your product. What should you know about your product? First of all, what is your product, what are its specifications and features? Next, you need to know what purpose it solves. Is it consumables or durable goods? Is it a real thing or a virtual service? Is it a variant or unique? Do you have competitors or new entrants? Once you start researching your product, you will better understand how to write an effective copy for it. For example, if you want to sell a fashion website that offers to clothe, you should ask about its category, characteristics and durability, payment method, and delivery logistics. Once synchronized with your products, you can better market because you know you The characteristics that must be projected can trigger the correct emotions, which will elicit the correct reactions from the readers of the copy, thereby increasing your sales.

3) Finding a USP Before discussing how to find a USP, let us first understand what it is. The unique selling proposition or USP is an old marketing concept that is still strong today and will always be. It is a process of providing your target customers with unique, creative and innovative use of products or services that other competitors do not provide. It is this characteristic of your product that makes it the best choice. This is how it differs from other similar products. This word has never been so important. When writing a copy, you must always research and find points that you can market to your audience that your competitors have not yet reached. For example, M& M’s slogan is " Milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hands." There are many products launched at the same time or around M& M, but they have all been driven over because they provide a clean and tidy chocolate experience. This is the power of having a strong USP. If it takes more than 30 minutes, the idea of ​​Dominos to provide free pizza is why they are the world's largest fast-food chain!

 4) Determining the final target sales and profit is not the only goal and goal of copywriting. So, don’t limit yourself to sales as your goal in mind. Always confirm the final goal. This ultimate goal is the ultimate response you want to evoke among customers. Sometimes you just need to transfer information. Sometimes, the goal is to generate potential customers. Sometimes the goal may be to generate feedback. Sometimes the goal can be an invitation. The list can go further, but the important thing to remember is that you should write a copy based on the final response you want from the customer. For example, the goal of copywriting might be to introduce readers to a new website that offers food delivered to your door, and start your copy with " Enjoy delicious food", and a more appropriate beginning should be " Get amazing food" Food delivered. " The problem here is that when you, as a copywriter, don’t understand the ultimate goal of your copy, there will be miscommunication. So always make sure to ask your clients what they want your target audience to respond to in order to create effective and attractive compelling copy.

5) Make the introduction different. When it comes to marketing and advertising, the first impression is actually the last impression. The same is true for copywriting. If your speech is not good enough, you will become a victim of complete ignorance. If you are writing an email, the subject should be perfect. If you’re designing a banner, the slogan must be impressive, and if it’s a Facebook ad, the graphics must be impressive. If it is a Twitter feed, the tweet must be exemplary. Apart from an explosive presentation, there is no other option to advertise to your customers. Imagine a store that sells shoes. They have no signs outside or near the area, only a board with the name of the store written on it. Now there is a clown outside another store next door. His clothes are full of shoe paintings, making people laugh and telling them to buy shoes. Which store will you go to? I bet the last one. The same is the effect of explosive introduction. It opens the door for you and encourages target customers to learn more about the products you want to sell.

15 Ways To Make Money Online in USA (2021)


1)    Freelancing ( The Editor’s Pick)

  • When you want to do work based on your interests, then freelancing is a good choice for you. In addition, freelancers can work at any convenient location anytime, anywhere. Self-employed people are considered to lead a popular lifestyle. Some people still think that self-employment is not much better than paid work. Freelancing is a great way to make money at home because it depends on your skills. A self-employed person is a self-employed person, despite serving any organization or company. They are autonomous in obtaining engineering and project contracts. In this profession, you can earn income through each task. In addition, you can charge your customers a daily or hourly fee based on the quality of work they want you to provide.

Top 10 freelance websites in 2021

2) Copywriter 

  • Copywriting can be one of the few ways you can make money online in the U.S. No need to think about it. Copywriting is a special job, not everyone can use common knowledge and skills to complete. If you are good at writing promotional materials for a specific niche, then the role of a copywriter is for you. Today, copywriters are in great demand all over the world because of the skills and knowledge they possess. It is believed that copywriters can have a significant impact on the promotion and marketing of companies. In order to achieve business goals and obtain a return on investment, most companies need copywriting. In short, your main job is to convince commercial customers of the quality of the product. You must inform the target client company that the products sold by the company meet their requirements, and you must inform the target client company that the products sold by the company meet their requirements.

What is copywriting?

3)   Blogging: (Start A Blog)

  • Blogging is another profitable way, which allows you to generate passive income through your passion for writing. People all over the world are trying to find informative blogs on any particular topic on the Internet. As a beginner, you can blog about travel, fashion, and fitness. Create your own blog; you will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to promote your work to a wider audience. Blogging is about making money from your writing skills, which is why you should try to make the most of it. Blogging does not need to spend a lot of time or effort because it can be done in your free time. Nowadays, it is very important for bloggers to share information about all kinds of things that people find strange and strange. This is why you can consider making money online in the US as a blogger at home.

04) Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing is another demanding but profitable job where you can make money online from home. Affiliate marketing simply sells customers’ products and services to your affiliate marketing link. With thousands of affiliate marketers working, you need to stand out from the crowd. In short, you must identify your market segment and create an attractive website. Now, you need to create quality content for your website to attract more audiences. To increase your profits as an affiliate marketer, you can also increase your email list. By joining any leading affiliate marketing network, you can promote your affiliate products effortlessly. For affiliate marketers, tracking their results is very important.

05) Selling E-books 

  • Selling e-books online seems to be another profitable way, and it will knock on the door of your brain when you want to make money online in the US. Authors who want to attract more readers and customers will definitely use e-books as a form of promotion. Once you successfully sell e-books, you will get more jobs. You can create and sell e-books online in just a few steps. First, you need to create your e-book and determine its best format. Don’t forget to check the e-book at least once or twice to filter out any errors you encounter. Now, you need to add your ebook to a top site like Amazon. Goodbye, start to promote your e-book, you can make a lot of money from it. Tracking sales is also very important.

06) Sell Products Online 

  • Selling products online is not a new way to make money online in the United States, but recently it has become more and more popular in the United States. People get paid for the products you develop or manufacture. Whether you are talking about digital accessories and fashion products, these things are everywhere. If you have a lot of products in your collection and want to sell them, you should go online. For example, you can talk about Amazon, which may be the largest online e-commerce site. However, you cannot afford the variety that Amazon has. This means that you must limit the products that will remain in your online store.

07) App Development 

  • Application development can be a very profitable business way of your choice to make money online. However, there are several factors that determine your success as an application developer. If you already have the skills to develop various applications, you need to market these applications effectively, which means you have to ask your audience their interest and requirements for the application. Marketing is one of the important things you need to do to achieve greater success as an application developer. Your app should always meet the interests, needs, or desires of your audience. As a beginner, you need to be careful about the layout of your application and what you use to take advantage of it. In short, your application should convey information through your cover. In addition, you need to carefully write the description and functions of the application on any platform (such as the Google Play Store).

08) Create & Sell Online Courses 

  • Creating and selling online courses can be another way to make money online in the United States. We all know that online courses are very important for students who cannot attend any local fitness training classes. In addition, there are some beginners who want to become experts in any particular field. Therefore, the online courses you will create will help these types of people in a unique way, whether you want to create online courses about education or any other field, they will enable you to make more profits over the years. To start working in this industry, you must record lectures in HD quality so that users of your online courses will find your courses very interesting and attractive. After you create an online course, you can upload it to the Internet. Now is the best time to promote the online courses you have created. Once your online courses become popular, they will surely give you the best income you have never had in the past.

09) Proofreading Business 

  • When talking about the best way to make money online in the U.S., proofreading can become an admirable way. Corrections include discovering grammatical and spelling errors in the content items they received. In short, you must work for newspapers and publishers who want the printed content to be free of grammatical errors. Proofreaders are very important to newspapers and publishers because they provide high-quality printed content. Therefore, you can start working with popular local newspapers or publishers to make money online in the U.S. Basically, you need to find out the spelling errors, grammatical errors, and punctuation errors in the blogs, articles, or other content that customers want to publish next.

10) Graphics Designing 

  • Everyone knows that graphic design is a combination of artistic skills and knowledge made by creatives to enhance brand awareness. This is why you can consider becoming a graphic designer and serving multinational companies from your form in the United States. If your customers ask you to capture the visual attention of some specific customers, then you must do so at all costs. This means you will show your customers the credibility and expertise of your brand. Generally speaking, graphic designers must do many challenging tasks and things for clients. However, if graphic designers can follow the clients requirements, they will get more rewards.

11) Freelance Translator 

  • Although talking about the best way to make money online in the U.S., freelance work is also good. As a freelancer, you can get more opportunities from employers, such as local translation agencies. In addition, you can work with multinational translation companies that tend to pay more for freelancers. Freelancers are considered to be able to maintain a flexible lifestyle because they can set their own time and run the business as they wish. People are happy to hire you as a freelance translator because you will provide them with cheap services. If you are talking about job descriptions for free translation, then you only need to convert text material written in one language to another, but you need to be careful about the translation you do because it must have the same meaning and context as they There have been before. Freelancers are always free to provide services to multiple clients at the same time.

12) Online Consulting 

  • If you pay more attention to and pay attention to online consulting business, it will be very beneficial. Nowadays, most small business owners need online consulting services to conduct their business effectively. As an online consultant, your views and opinions are important to your clients. Your customers and partners may need your advice on any specific issues that are difficult for them. Online consultants are responsible for helping companies and organizations to carry out different business operations efficiently and smoothly. Therefore, you must improve your knowledge by becoming an online consultant to master the same profession. Today, you can use the Internet to determine the skills and experience you must have as an online consultant from the comfort of your home in the United States.

13) Online Survey

Some popular organizations conduct online surveys to determine the success of their products and services. Several websites require you to complete online surveys that must be completed within your time limit. If you talk about income, you will receive rewards and money by completing online surveys. Whether you want to charge customers by the hour or by the day is up to you. Therefore, you should briefly understand how to complete an online survey. Make sure to choose some trustworthy names in terms of survey providers. Swagbucks, Fiverr, and other similar platforms may be better choices.

14) Online Accounting 

  • In order to track and monitor financial records, most companies need highly qualified and experienced accountants. Accountants are responsible for determining the accuracy of financial records. The financial operations of the company are also managed and managed by accountants, so if you want to serve any organization as an online accountant, you must perform this type of work. Income and financial expenditure will depend on you. Therefore, you have a higher responsibility as an online accountant, so you must respect this profession that can help you earn unlimited income in AOL. You must not forget to address the skills and education that constitute your profile as an online accountant.

15) Resume Business

  • Resume creators are experts who create high-quality resumes for clients based on their requirements. In order to impress employers, job seekers must use a resume to demonstrate the employees' qualities and skills to meet the employer and requirements. This resume building looks like a great undertaking, and you can do it at home. If you are looking for a job or business that can bring you more satisfaction and satisfaction, then making a resume is one of them.